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Local Malay Escort Girl Norihan calls herself a hot escort girl. She likes to build up the tension and does this in her own way. She loves to be handled and adored by men. If you show that you love her, she will do everything she can to give you an evening full of pleasure […]


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Alya is one of the most in-demand Bukit Bintang escort agency on our site. She is a gorgeous lady with a nice attitude; but the nicer she is outside the bedroom, the naughtier she gets when you take her inside. With Alya, it’s a great opportunity to live your dream night. You know that the […]


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Expect only the best from Arissa – our Bukit Bintang local escort  girl who masters the art of pleasing men or couples. The tall, 21 old white beauty has the face of an angel but when she opens up and shows her true moves, you are going to think that she is very dirty and […]


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Tired from a long day in Bukit Bintang? Nothing else is going to make you feel better than a hot Bukit Bintang escort like Adelina by your side tonight. It will usually start from a tight hug by this busty escort girl will eventually lead to hot and steamy sex. Adelina is a charming and […]


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Zara is a hot KL escorts who walks, talks, and smiles like a catwalk model. She loves being desired and while you are with her in your room, start with a simple, warm hug and it will melt her; and slowly and gradually, she will turn into a love freak, wanting to have bite marks […]


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Keisha is the girl of your dreams! The type of dreams in which you do all the dirty things with a very beautiful, yet naughty girl. She has got a tall and sexy body with sexy eyes and dark hair. She is 21 and has enough experience to make your stay at Bukit Bintang a […]


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You might have been with other Bukit Bintang escort girls but Puteri is a one of a kind girl that you’ve had the luck to find. While you are with Puteri, you shouldn’t keep calm and start with ripping her panting off for example. She loves when you take her hard; so take her the […]